Work related injuries – Latest figures for 2019

30 March 2020

The HSE have recently published the 2018/19 incident statistics, which shows an overall decline in the numbers of work-related injuries.

The headlines are:

  • 147 workers were killed at work (this figure has been fairly static around the 150 mark for 3 years now).
  • 69 208 other injuries to employees were reported under RIDDOR – again , a small drop of just under 5,000 from the previous year.

The UK’s injuries rates are still one of the lowest across our European counterparts, which is hopefully a reflection on how the UK deals with workplace health and safety and the high standards which most organisations work to.

With respect to enforcement:

  • HSE brought 364 cases to court which is almost half what it was in 2015/16. Unfortunately for businesses, the conviction rate remains just over 92%.
  • 11,004 enforcement notices were issued (Prohibition and Improvement Notices) by HSE and LAs which is the lowest figure across the last five years.
  • HSE fines accounted for £54.5M, whereas in 2015, before the new Sentencing Guidelines came in (which now focus very much on turnover) totals fines was around £30M. Currently, this equates to an average fine of £150,000 per case, far higher than the 2015 fine levels.

The HSE’s 5 year plan continues to be primarily focussed on reducing the effects of lung disease (respirable dust, asbestos and silica as primary agents), musculoskeletal injuries (manual handling/ergonomics) and the ever increasing issue of work related stress. Further information on this 5 year strategy can be found by clicking here and specific plans for various sectors are listed here.

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